The Adjacent Summit

Cap off your Adjacent summer experience with an immersive week in San Francisco

August 1 - 6, 2021

Explore Silicon Valley

During your week in San Francisco, take your skills and network to the next level as you continue to collaborate on project work (in person!) and connect with Bay Area entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders. Visit companies, explore the vibrant city, and deepen friendships that you started earlier in the summer. Better understand how you can connect your education and interests to have an impact in tech and tech-related fields.

Dates: Sun Aug 1 – Fri Aug 6, 2021
Location: San Francisco area
Program cost: $1,250 tuition, $700-$800 room/board/personal
Pre-requisites: Adjacent June 2021 or July 2021 program
Sample day
  • Breakfast and cohort meeting
  • Skills workshop and team project
  • Lunch and reflection
  • Site visit and networking event
  • Free time to explore and enjoy the city

"As a non-computer science major, I wanted to see what an increasingly tech-centric world looked like. This program gives you a lot of answers of what that looks like in terms of what startups you go to visit, what you’re learning in the classroom, and the hard and soft skills you can apply outside the program."

"Last night at networking I talked to multiple people who said they wished this kind of thing was around when they were in college. I don’t think a lot of people come out of college with tech skills and have to learn on the job, but having a solid foundation like this without compromising time during the semester is invaluable."

"I think it's awesome that the more working people I meet, the more I realize I do not absolutely have to work in the field that I am majoring in. This allows me to explore many options."