Summer Tech Boost

1 course | 4 weeks
Enrollment opens January 2021

Ready to level up your tech skills?

Adajcent is more like a job than traditional college. Join a group of like-minded peers who want to develop a stronger understanding of how to combine a curiosity about tech with academic and personal passions, whether they be in theatre, art, psychology, chemistry, economics, or political science.

1 course credit

Create your own websites with in a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment.

June & July 2021 Sessions

In a workplace format, you'll work 40 hrs/week to produce projects about your passions.


Experience the current world of remote work. We're not on Zoom all day, we promise.

Gain skills, build & break things, give & get feedback, repeat.

  • Learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript while you debate the ethics of design choices
  • Test and develop your teamwork, communication, and project management skills
  • Strengthen your public speaking and presentation skills with weekly demos
  • Learn to give and receive authentic feedback (perhaps too much of it!)
  • Fail constantly, learn to better navigate ambiguity, and pair your interests with newfound skills in ways you never thought imaginable

A Day in the Life

9 AM
Sign on to Discord and work on your weekly project
10 AM
Attend a help session with your instructor
12 PM
Demo your site at daily All-Hands group meeting
1 PM
Take a lunch break and walk
2 PM
Debug your project with a teammate
3 PM
Informational interview with a tech professional
5 PM
Push your code up for feedback

Working hours are flexible at Adjacent. We meet once per day as a full group, and then instructors hold optional sessions and office hours throughout the day (US timezones)

Broaden your career opportunities

Our alumni have gone on to get jobs in tech

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Alexandra RomeroEnvironmental Studies, Davidson College

Adjacent provided me with the knowledge, tools, and mentality to confidently speak about and engage with the tech industry. Having graduated during the pandemic, I faced a lot of trouble finding a job. However, I am confident the explanations of my time at Adjacent and the professional and personal development I had during the program prepared me for competitive roles and helped me do well in my interviews. I am excited to be joining the startup accelerator industry for a few months- a job that I would not have pursued before Adjacent.

Alex IdonijeChinese Studies, Davidson College

Before last summer, if someone told me I’d graduate with an opportunity to work on machine learning and automation projects, I’d find it hard to believe. Now I can confidently say I’m leaving Davidson and Adjacent equipped to ethically apply my liberal arts foundation to the tech space, and with the knowledge to bring impactful ventures to life.

Emma WolffArabic Studies, Mount Holyoke College

I felt blindsided by how much I’d grown. I left with a newfound love for coding and the logic inherent to software engineering. I found I love leading a team. I also discovered that in the world of software, learning isn’t limited to a formal class setting or dynamic. Once you know how to utilize the internet, nothing obstructs your path to knowledge.

Sophia SchwartsmanScripps College, Art History major

I'm pretty much mind blown at how cool this program is. I don't think a lot of people come out of college with tech skills and therefore have to learn on the job, but having a solid foundation like this without compromising credit is invaluable.

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