Summer Remote Tech Intensive

Explore the tech industry, from anywhere this summer

A for-credit online summer program designed to take your liberal arts degree to the next level

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“I felt blindsided by how much I’d grown. I left with a newfound love for coding and the logic inherent to software engineering. I found I love leading a team. I also discovered that in the world of software, learning isn’t limited to a formal class setting or dynamic. Once you know how to utilize the internet, nothing obstructs your path to knowledge.”

Emma Wolff, Mount Holyoke College, Arabic Studies & CS


“Before last summer, if someone told me I’d graduate with an opportunity to work on machine learning and automation projects, I’d find it hard to believe. Now I can confidently say I’m leaving Davidson and Adjacent equipped to ethically apply my liberal arts foundation to the tech space, and with the knowledge to bring impactful ventures to life.”

Alex Idonije, Davidson College, Chinese Studies

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“I’m pretty much mind blown at how cool this program is. I don’t think a lot of people come out of college with tech skills and therefore have to learn on the job, but having a solid foundation like this without compromising time during the semester is invaluable.”

Sophia Schwartsmann,  Scripps College, Art History Major

This is not your typical online course

Gain confidence in your technology skills

Network with industry professionals and entrepreneurs

Collaborate with teammates to create your passion projects

Add SQL, HTML/CSS, & JavaScript to your resume

Earn college credit

Program Dates

Session 1 | June 1 – 26 2020

Session 2 | July 6 – 31 2020

Daily Schedule

Full-time, M-F 9-5p | Remote

Like most remote tech jobs, we’ll use software like Discord, VS Code Live, and Zoom to collaborate asynchronously across timezones.

Your Typical Day

9:00 | Sign on to Discord and work on your weekly project

11:00 | Daily Stand-Up followed by a coding lesson

12:00 | Take a lunch break and walk around the park

1:00 | A Lyft UX researcher talks about her career

2:00 | 1:1 call with your instructor and teammates to bug fix

5:00 | Submit for code review and log off


Tuition is $3500.

Financial aid and scholarships are available.

A nonrefundable deposit of $250 reserves your spot in the program.


Applications are open.

Certain discounts may be available by university.

The process consists of a short written application and a 20-minute interview.

No prior experience or course prerequisites necessary. All students are encouraged to apply and complete the interview process, especially students with no background in tech. This program will select students interested in technology who will be comfortable in and motivated by an intensive, highly collaborative, and self-motivated learning experience.


Why Choose Adjacent?

Join hundreds of students from some of the most innovative colleges and universities in the country including Davidson, Scripps and Mount Holyoke.

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