Hey, I’m Kendahl Ross, class of 2022 at Davidson College majoring in communications, here to tell you about a day in the life of Adjacent. I did the Adjacent semester program in 2020, which started in San Francisco and then transitioned to remote (thanks, coronavirus).

I’ve always been fascinated by technology and enjoy learning how it works, however, I’ve been uncertain about taking a typical computer science course. Davidson in Silicon Valley gave me a chance to learn the ins and outs of tech as well as how it’s used in many different career paths.

How is a week and a day at the online program typically structured?

You meet in the mornings, discuss what you’ve been working on previously and what you plan to get done…. and then you get after it! Instructors are available in chat rooms if you need them most of the day. At the end of the week you present whatever you’d been working on that week. Sometimes these projects are solo, partner, or group projects.

So how does your day typically start?

I set an alarm for 9am and 9:30am. If I’m not up by then my mom calls me and tells me to come downstairs and eat breakfast. I also sign onto Discord, our class messaging system. At 10a (since I’m on Central time), I drink a cup of coffee and hop on Zoom for our daily Stand-up, where we lay out the blueprint of our day and hear any important updates or announcements. After that I brush my teeth and shamelessly take a little nap.

What do you do during the afternoon and how do you wrap up your day?

Around 1p I either go workout or I go work on whatever weekly project I have at hand. Usually, I base this decision on if it’s a group or solo project. If it’s a group project I go straight to work during this time so I can work at the same time as my teammates. If it’s a solo project I workout during this time since I know I can pick up later.  Then around 5 or 6p sign off on Discord and proceed to shower and have dinner with the fam! After that, I usually hop on Xbox with my boys since we can’t all hangout right now (due to quarantine). The amount of work I have the next day decides how late I stay up playing the game.

Come with an open mind

and embrace the challenge!

What do you like about learning remotely at Adjacent? What’s challenging about it?

The thing I like most is how doable it is. Yes, we’re still challenged but it’s well within reason. The most challenging part is getting entirely on the same page with group members for group projects. It’s just not the same as person to person contact and the same goes for interactions with the instructors. I will say it has provided some cool opportunities to just chat with instructors through Zoom or Discord though.

What advice would you give to future Adjacent students?

Come with an open mind and embrace the challenge! A lot of challenges will be thrown at you (some planned by the instructors and some out of nowhere as life goes) and you have to be ready to learn and grow as you wrestle with those challenges as opposed to having a fixed mindset (getting angry, being ready to give up, slacking with your work, these are not how you want to respond to these challenges)! Be ready to grow both academically and intellectually, and gain a great amount of workplace experience during this program.