Two Adjacent alumni from Albion College talk about their experience in the summer remote program.

The semester program offers a longer, more in depth experience for students. At Adjacent we focus on three key things – technical skills, leadership skills, and career exploration. Imagine the most challenging, fast-paced internship, but with the continual support and focused feedback from instructors.

Albion College offered the Adjacent program to their students as an online substitute for the many summer internships that fell through. Completing an internship is a core piece of the curriculum at Albion College and students rely on summer internship experiences to complete their degree.

Zahra and Maggie had little technical experience before joining Adjacent but both emerged confident in their ability to create websites. Maggie, a marketing major, explored new avenues for careers in digital marketing or content design.

I knew I wanted to gain those hard skills to set me apart when applying to entry level jobs and have this on my resume.

Maggie SchraderMarketing major

I looked at internships in data analytics and many required experience with coding, but I hadn't taken a computer science course. So this was the perfect way to gain that experience.