Forbes: What Students Can Do On A Gap Year During the Pandemic

As speculation builds over how many students will show on college campuses in the fall because of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting recession—some projections now suggest colleges could lose up to 20% of students—questions are mounting about how students will use the time away from school…

EdSurge: Summer Gigs For Students Are Scarce. Think Like an Entrepreneur and Build Your Own

After a whirlwind semester of virtual classes, college students are now facing a new challenge: Companies around the country are canceling their internships. A fifth of those surveyed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers are revoking internship offers.

Whitepaper: The Future of Liberal Arts in a Hybrid World

This paper will explore this imperative of learning human and technical skills as well as the ways in which some forward thinking institutions are preparing students by immersing them in environments that require them to learn and apply technical skills to real-world challenges connected to their to liberal art education.

Updates: COVID-19

Learn more about the latest updates to our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our commitment to our students safety.

Recording: Informational Session

Missed our recent informational session where students from previous programs talk about what it is like to participate in Adjacent Academies?

Webinar on Redefining Liberal Arts: The Future of Liberal Arts in a Hybrid World

In this webinar hosted by WCET, we unpacked the data to understand liberal arts trends and explored programs being developed by forward-thinking universities with Michael Horn and Anh Nguyen.

EdSurge: A New College Program Inspired by Coding Bootcamps, Informed by Liberal Arts

Liberal-arts colleges have long told students that they can major in whatever they want and still go on to a solid, and even lucrative, profession. After all, plenty of English majors become lawyers and doctors. But that hasn’t been as true for digital tech fields like coding, says Kristen Eshleman, director of digital innovation initiatives at Davidson College…

Davidson: Startup Among the Startups

Less than two blocks from the headquarters of Twitter and neighboring Uber, eight Davidson College students operate out of meeting space with puffy chairs and white boards in a renovated 19th century building with exposed brick and beams….

PR Newswire: Startup Raises $2.1M to Launch Study Away for Tech Industry Careers

Adjacent Academies, which enables liberal arts students to earn college credit while building in-demand tech skills, today announced the close of a $2.1 million seed round led by Rethink Education with additional participation by New Ground Ventures, Bisk Ventures and Entangled Group…

GeekWire: Education startup helps students who are pursuing liberal arts get skills to compete in tech industry

College students who want to pursue the liberal arts subjects they’re passionate about can still get the technical training they need to compete in a job market that demands those skills thanks to the Seattle startup Adjacent Academies…