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Building a Personal Website

Your next quarantine project will be more effective than your resume.

Friday, Sept 11 2020 3p ET


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Summer Gigs For Students Are Scarce. Think Like an Entrepreneur and Build Your Own

By Dan Murphy

What Students Can Do On A Gap Year During the Pandemic

By Michael Horn

A New College Program Inspired by Coding Bootcamps, Informed by Liberal Arts

By Jeffrey R. Young

Startup Among the Startups: Davidson Launches Liberal Arts Venture Into Silicon Valley


Webinar on Redefining the Liberal Arts

In this webinar hosted by WCET, we unpacked the data to understand liberal arts trends and explored programs being developed by forward-thinking universities with Michael Horn and Anh Nguyen.

Whitepaper: The Future of Liberal Arts in a Hybrid World

This paper explores the imperative of learning human and technical and how forward-thinking institutions are immersing students in environments that require them to learn and apply technical skills to real-world challenges to their education.