Add More To Your Skill Set

Now non-CS students can get the tech skills they need for tomorrow's jobs

Career success in a tech-driven economy isn’t reserved just for comp sci grads. Adjacent’s for-credit learning programs are designed specifically for Liberal Arts students who want to expand their digital literacy, connect their academic studies to the world of work, or discover new ways to learn and have impact.

Adjacent combines the “ must-have” experiences that employees look for – the cultural growth and maturity from a Study-Away program, the practical experience of an internship, and the hard skills developed through applied technical learning.

Our programs are designed so you can demonstrate the skills and experiences that employers want and so you can expand the opportunities available to you.

Learn The Skills Employers Want

UX Design
People Management
Collaboration Skills
Time Management
Analytical Reasoning

Choose a Program That Works for You

We offer a variety of programs for undergraduates looking to gain crucial technology skills and better understand the possibilities of combining digital & non-digital skills in future careers. 

The skills and experiences that you develop at Adjacent will attract the attention of employers in a range of for profit, nonprofit, and public sector organizations and across a variety of functions from People Management to Product Management.

Program: Experiential coding and project development

Length: 4-weeks in the summer or full semester

Location: Innovation Hub Center locations include San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin

Housing: Dorm-Style Housing

Why Choose Adjacent?

Join hundreds of students from some of the most innovative colleges and universities in the country including Davidson, Scripps and Mount Holyoke.

Find A Job After School

With these new skills, you Improve your resumes and expand your career opportunities

Get Access to a “Closed Off” Industry

Get exposed to and build a network of one of the most challenging industries to break into

Receive Credit

Get transferable credit from Davidson College

Develop Confidence

Learn technical related skills in students centered process, designed especially for non-CS students

Enjoy Your Summer on the West Coast

Live in the most innovative and culturally diverse cities in the world

Build Leadership Skills

Learn how to successfully lead cross-functional teams

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