Adding More To The Experience

Help non-CS students build the tech skills required for today’s jobs.

With deep expertise in technology-based program development and strong ties to the industry,  we partner with institutions to provide academically rich credit-bearing programs that help students compete in today’s job market. 

If you are a leader looking for innovative programming for your students, let’s talk.

Our Programs

Partnering with Davidson College, we created programs for non-CS students looking to gain crucial technology skills for their careers. 

Experiential coding and project development

4-weeks in the summer or full semester

Place-based innovation hubs such as San Francisco

Project based, mentoring, and coaching

Housing provided

Tech company & museum site visits

Networking events & alumni panels

About the Program

The curriculum topics are created to offer students core foundation skills in particular tech areas. These curriculum topics include:

Hard Skills
UX Design
Soft Skills
People Management
Collaboration Skills
Time Management
Analytical Reasoning

Bridging Borges with Boolean

“Now more than ever it is important for leaders to understand that technical tools are not neutral — technology reflects and transmits values both in the present and in the future.  Adjacent helps students develop relevant technical skills and, equally important, the ways of thinking that will be critical as they aim to lead in an increasingly complex and innovation-driven world.  All students would benefit from Adjacent.”

Shireen Campbell, Professor & Chair of the English Department at Davidson College

We offer high-quality learning that fills gaps in your students’ college degrees.


Our extensive network of curriculum developers (or specialists), professors and technology leaders built a curriculum that is both tech-forward and academically sound.


Our academically rich programs support classroom learning.


Students receive credit through Davidson College, an elite institution with a reputation for innovation.


We have applied our learnings managing programs for thousands of students through schools across the country.

The Results

Improved Graduate Employability

Improve career readiness and expand career opportunities for non-CS students.

Increased Student Engagement

Provide student-centered programs designed specifically for this population.

Innovative Reputation

Go beyond traditional internships or study-away programs with hybrid programs designed with the job market in mind.

Cost-Effective Curriculum Expansion

Help students build tech skills with no additional fees for students.

Strengthen Equity

Support students who are underrepresented in technology

Higher Quality Student Population

Attract students focused on succeeding post-graduation.