We love questions. Here are some of the most common questions we get from students and parents.
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About the program

What types of projects will I build?

All sorts! Most of the time we allow students to create their websites about whatever they want. As your skills develop, your websites become more complex. We hope that you’ll use project opportunities to combine your interests and passions with technology and practice building prototypes of real projects.

Students have gone on to continue working on their projects well after Adjacent – whether that be a personal portfolio website or funded company. You can see examples of projects here.

What are the networking opportunities?

There are many ways that Adjacent facilitates professional development and networking.

Online this means speaker series with professionals in tech, 1:1 informational interviews with alumni, sessions on teamwork and interviewing prep facilitated by industry experts.

In person this looks like networking nights with a diverse array of professionals in tech, office visits from startups to established companies across a range of fields (education, health, fintech, etc), lunches/brown bags, conferences, and drop-ins by professionals who discuss topics from code to careers.

What is the schedule like in the online program?

Adjacent is more like a work environment than traditional school. We typically meet as a full group once per day (9a PT / 12p ET), and our instructors offer short sessions throughout the day and are available for “office hours” for 8 hours per day. We typically break into a team project halfway through the week and present on Friday noon ET.

Much of Adjacent is about learning to effectively research, build or test your knowledge, and then receive as much feedback as possible on your work. As we like to say, there’s no speed limit on learning.

Students are able to choose their working hours and really enjoy the flexibility of being able to take breaks when they want. Students typically work around 40 hrs/week.

How big are the cohorts?

We aim for a 15:1 student:instructor ratio.  Each cohort also has the support of a program coordinator who serves as a coach and mentor.

Who issues the transcripts?

Transcripts are issued by Davidson College.

If you are a past student requesting your transcript, please complete the Davidson College transcript request form.

Who are the instructors?

Adjacent courses are taught by Davidson faculty and Adjacent instructors who have gone through the Davidson College adjunct faculty hiring process.

Admissions & choosing your program

Are you sure I don't need any previous coding experience?

Yes! Adjacent is designed for students with no coding or technical experience. Our students are tech curious and seek an experience like Adjacent for a variety of reasons, including:

  • limited CS course capacity on campus
  • a desire to practice learning in an applied rather than theoretical way
  • interested in making friends and mentors for life
  • excited to try out living in a new city or become an expert in remote work

When is the best time to do Adjacent?

Adjacent accepts students from all class standings (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). The best time will depend on your institution, your academic progression / where you are in terms of meeting graduation requirements, and your readiness for an experience like Adjacent.

Gap year and deferral students are encouraged to apply. Many past students have changed their majors or academic focus after gaining confidence from this program.

What's the benefit of the semester versus summer program?

The 16-week semester program offers a full load of four courses (see program offerings for detail) and is right for students who are excited to commit an extended period of time immersed in project-based learning, networking, collaborating, and building.

The 4-week program offers one course credit and many of the benefits of the semester program, such as the development of leadership skills, professional networks, and career opportunities.  The shorter program is right for those students who cannot commit to 16 weeks and/or do not have the flexibility to participate during the traditional academic calendar.

When will in-person programs return?

Our 2020 programs & spring 2021 semester will be online.

Programs maintain the 40 hrs/week format – and what your daily schedule looks like depends on your time zone. We promise we’re not on Zoom all day! We usually meet for one hour per day as a group, with optional sessions throughout the day. Students enjoy the flexibility of choosing their working hours.

Once COVID permits, we hope our programs will resume taking place in person in San Francisco between the hours of 9a and 5p.

How selective is Adjacent?

Adjacent strives to be widely inclusive and selects for students that will be successful in an intensive, collaborative environment. Admission into Adjacent is not guaranteed.

Tuition & Financial Aid

How do students pay for the program?

Semester program: students typically follow a “home school” model in which they pay their college tuition, room, board, and fees as they would for any other semester.  The home school then transfers funds to Adjacent to cover the cost of participating in Adjacent. When in person (i.e. San Francisco), typically the only additional costs you have is local transportation and personal expenses.

Summer program: students who attend schools with a mandatory summer semester or block follow the above semester program model.  Otherwise, students pay for Adjacent as they would for other summer programs, i.e. via their own means, fellowships, and scholarships.

Adjacent does offer some scholarship funds, and please specify in your application if you would like to be considered for a scholarship.

What financial aid is available?

For the semester program, your normal financial aid package will typically apply if you are still currently enrolled at one of our partner institutions. Let us know if you have any questions and we can work with you and your financial aid department to confirm.

For the summer program, most schools offer scholarships as does Adjacent. Often your school will have an additional application to complete to receive a scholarship.

Student Life & Logistics

What type of computer do I need?

You need a laptop that can run the latest version of OSX or Windows 10, and has solid-state hard drive and at least 8GB of memory. In the case of some older laptops, additional RAM and an SSD can be added for as little as ~$50.

You are responsible for bringing your own laptop. Some loaners are available if you reach out to us.