Connect your liberal arts degree with tech and entrepreneurship skills

Liberal Arts in Silicon Valley is for liberal arts students who don’t want to be counted out in an increasingly technology-driven world. This is your opportunity to join a group of learners who, like you, want to have the skills, experiences, and networks to have a massive impact on the world around them. As Steve Jobs once said, “Technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that makes our hearts sing.”

Build projects that demonstrate your initiative, creativity, and skills

Dive into a highly immersive experience in the Bay Area and dig into technical skills such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL while you also debate how ethics and morals impact how technology is created and consumed. Test and develop your teamwork, communication, and project management skills through paired and team projects and strengthen your public speaking and presentation skills through weekly demos. Learn to give authentic feedback and receive feedback (perhaps too much of it!) that will challenge your capacity to learn and to achieve. Fail constantly, learn to better navigate ambiguity, and emerge able to tackle technical learning and pair your interests with newfound skills in ways you never thought possible. 

Gain inspiration and networks to help you succeed

Join your peers in conversations with a range of leaders, from early in career to seasoned CEOs, who have made their way into tech and had an impact in fields such as education, healthcare, financial services, and media. Explore your curiosity in startups. Identify and unpack new opportunities to pair your liberal arts education and interests with tech.

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“I am really glad that I decided to join Adjacent this past semester. I learned amazing skills, grew as an individual in ways I couldn’t imagine and met some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. I think that when I will be looking back in my life in 5 years, I will consider this experience one of the most influential of my life. This program really opened my eyes and made me see that I can truly do anything I want to.”

Christos Kuompotis, Davidson College ’23, Undecided


“I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and everything I’ve learned thus far. Would I recommend this to everyone? YES! This has hands down been my best semester at Davidson thus far. Between what I learned, how I learned, and the possibilities left to learn, every expectation was met and blown out of proportion.”

Jaelyn Taylor, Davidson College ’22, Digital & Computational Studies


“Through our collaboration with Adjacent I have seen students combine their interests from art to sustainability to politics with technology and create powerful projects in a short period of time. Students walk away with more competence and confidence to access internships and jobs in tech, and many of those students didn’t know how to or didn’t think they could before this program.”

Owen Mundy, Visiting Associate Professor of Digital Studies at Davidson College

Program at a Glance

August 24, 2020 - November 20, 2020 (13 weeks)

San Francisco Bay Area

No computer science experience required

Learning structured more like a work day and less like traditional school (40 hrs/week)

Work with seasoned professionals and expand career opportunities


Students will receive a transcript from Davidson College upon completion of the program


DIG 245: Critical Web Design

Conceptualize, design, and program websites using HTML/CSS and execute interactive projects that are both culturally-relevant and technically sophisticated.


CSC 108: Explorations in Computer Science

Learn the basics of computer science and structured programming by creating projects such as multi-page websites, browser extensions, interactive games, and more.


English 234: Beyond the Single Story

Explore the relationship between human and non-human worlds through fiction and venture beyond the “single story.” (JEC)


CIS 125: Praticum

Engage in project-based experiences that, through critical reflection, connect prior academic content and tech-adjacent skills  to social needs.

Proactive Health and Safety Measures

COVID-19 is an ongoing concern as the Bay Area slowly reopens. Adjacent is committed to the health and well being of its students and has made changes to ensure a safe learning environment. We are guided by the CDC, ACHA, and California public health information and directives. This program will adhere to the same standards as the Davidson College campus.

Testing upon arrival – and continued availability; COVID-19 testing is available to anyone living or working in San Francisco

Physical distancing – learning spaces large enough to accommodate adequate spacing as recommended, cleaned daily, and visitors will be limited

Symptom checking – students will self-screen and check in with an RA on a daily basis 

Reduced Cohabitation – students will live in doubles in a dormitory where interaction with students outside of the program is very restricted. This means that students in the program will either occupy their own building or specific floors within a building, with kitchen and bathrooms limited to program participants

Daily practices – enhanced health and personal hygiene practices 

Meals – students will not share food while in the program 

Quarantining – students who test positive will be immediately quarantined in a private space per CDC recommendations

In spring 2020 Adjacent quickly and seamlessly transitioned to an online environment; despite the transition, the majority of students said it was in the top three college experiences they’d had to date. Adjacent is prepared to move online at any point if circumstances dictate such a transition in the interest of health and safety.

Transparency and regular communications with students and families throughout is our priority. 

Tuition & Admission Requirements

Program fee: $18,000

Housing, food, and transportation not included: estimated $1,400/month for dormitory housing and $600/month for food.

Financial aid is applicable depending on the institution. 

Gap year students through college seniors are encouraged to apply and complete the interview process. This program will select for students interested in technology and who will be comfortable in and motivated by an intensive, highly collaborative, and self-motivated learning experience.

Selection into this program is not guaranteed.

Early Application Deadline July 1st