Liberal Arts in Silicon Valley


Connect your liberal arts degree with tech and entrepreneurship skills

Join a group of like-minded peers who want to develop a stronger understanding of how to combine a curiosity about tech with academic and personal passions, whether they be in theatre, art, psychology, chemistry, economics, or political science. As Steve Jobs once said, “Technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that makes our hearts sing.”

Build projects that demonstrate your initiative, creativity, and skills

Dive into a highly immersive learning experience that will help you develop technical skills such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL while you also debate how ethics and morals impact how technology is created and consumed. Test and develop your teamwork, communication, and project management skills through paired and team projects and strengthen your public speaking and presentation skills through weekly demos. Learn to give authentic feedback and receive feedback (perhaps too much of it!) that will challenge your capacity to learn and to achieve. Fail constantly, learn to better navigate ambiguity, and emerge able to tackle technical learning and pair your interests with newfound skills in ways you never thought possible.

Intern at a company to apply your skills and interests

If selected for Adjacent, you will intern at a company toward the program’s end.  This is a chance to apply what you’ve learned and gain work experience.  You’ll get feedback from your internship placement, and we’ll be there along the way to help you reflect on the experience/provide coaching as needed, though everything in the program will help you succeed in it. Expand your network and identify new career opportunities.

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“I am really glad that I decided to join Adjacent this past semester. I learned amazing skills, grew as an individual in ways I couldn’t imagine and met some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. I think that when I will be looking back in my life in 5 years, I will consider this experience one of the most influential of my life. This program really opened my eyes and made me see that I can truly do anything I want to.”

Christos Kuompotis, Davidson College ’23, Undecided


“I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and everything I’ve learned thus far. Would I recommend this to everyone? YES! This has hands down been my best semester at Davidson thus far. Between what I learned, how I learned, and the possibilities left to learn, every expectation was met and blown out of proportion.”

Jaelyn Taylor, Davidson College ’22, Digital & Computational Studies


“Through our collaboration with Adjacent I have seen students combine their interests from art to sustainability to politics with technology and create powerful projects in a short period of time. Students walk away with more competence and confidence to access internships and jobs in tech, and many of those students didn’t know how to or didn’t think they could before this program.”

Owen Mundy, Visiting Associate Professor of Digital Studies at Davidson College

Program at a Glance

August 24, 2020 - December 12, 2020 (16 weeks)

4 courses transcripted by Davidson College

2-3 week internship; placement gauranteed

Open to all grad years and gap year students

No computer science experience required

Remote format - we're not on Zoom all day, we promise

Learning structured more like a work day and less like traditional school (40 hrs/week)

Work with seasoned professionals and expand career opportunities

A Day in the Life

9:00 | Sign on to Discord and work on your weekly project

10:00 | Attend a help session with your instructor

12:00 | Demo your site at daily All-Hands group meeting

1:00 | Take a lunch break and walk

2:00 | Debug your project with a teammate

3:00 | Informational interview with a tech professional

8:00 | Push your code up for feedback

Working hours are flexible at Adjacent. We meet once per day as a full group, and then instructors hold optional sessions and office hours throughout the day (US timezones). 

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“I was not expecting this program to be quite so fully dependent upon teamwork. A lot of things in quarantine call themselves teamwork but actually aren’t, but that’s not what Adjacent is like, so the first day caught me truly by surprise. I learned a ton in the first couple groups I was in and could see myself visibly improving by the end of the first week. The people in this program are fascinating, and the things that I’ve learned in sessions have helped me to understand the dynamics of group work and how best to capitalize upon my own and other peoples’ strengths.”

Emma Ruth Burns, Bryn Mawr College, Archeology & History

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“Learning remotely with Adjacent is a lot of fun. Our instructors do an excellent job at making sure we’re always informed and up to date. Plus, the option to join the instructor or do your own work independently – rather than a typical classroom format – makes the days very flexible and work easy to manage.”

Keith Ng, Davidson College, Mathematics

“Remote learning at Adjacent was very challenging, but not for the reasons you may think. Through Zoom and Discord, it made connecting and talking to your professors and classmates very easy and convenient. The challenging part of Adjacent was the content and material because the program leaves so much space for you to grow in the topics. They do not put any restrictions or limits on what we should learn or wonder about. This allowed myself to not only grow in the program, but also become curious in other parts of the material that connected to the main topics we were discussing. Each week gave me a fundamental building block that I will be able to take and continue to build off in my tech career.”

Matthew Brown, Lewis & Clark, International Relations & Affairs


Students will receive a transcript from Davidson College upon completion of the program


DIG 245: Critical Web Design

Conceptualize, design, and program websites using HTML/CSS and execute interactive projects that are both culturally-relevant and technically sophisticated.


CSC 108: Explorations in Computer Science

Learn the basics of computer science and structured programming by creating projects such as multi-page websites, browser extensions, interactive games, and more.


CIS 101: A Well-Examined Life

Reflect on your trajectory, values, and goals to explore and align your actions into an intentional life.


CIS 125: Internship Project

Apply your skills to a 2-3 week internship for a real company. Placement guaranteed.

Tuition & Admission Requirements

Applications are still open for Fall 2020.

The process consists of a short written application and a 20-minute interview. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Gap year students through college seniors are encouraged to apply and complete the interview process. 

For tuition and credit information, enrolled students seeking credit should contact their home institutions. Non-enrolled students should inquire at

Adjacent is a competitive program. We select for students interested in technology and who will be comfortable in and motivated by an intensive, highly collaborative, and self-motivated learning experience.

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