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From faculty to administrators to entrepreneurs, we share a passion to elevate the liberal arts

Our Team

Our experience spans academia to industry

Anh Nguyen


Jesse Farmer

Lead Instructor

Malena Harrang


Dr. Owen Mundy

Faculty, Digital Studies, Davidson College

Terra Taylor


Dr. Shireen Campbell

English Faculty, Davidson College

Sherif Abushadi

Advisor & Instructor

Kristen Eshleman

Director of Innovation, Davidson College

Dr. Suzanne Churchill

English Faculty, Davidson College

Dr. Raghuram Ramanujan

Computer Science Faculty, Davidson College

Dr. Mark Sample

Digital Studies Faculty, Davidson College

Dr. Stacey Riemer

Associate Dean of Students, Davidson College

Jamie Stamey

Executive Director of the Center for Career Development at Davidson College

Angie Dewberry

Registrar, Davidson College

Abbie Cardona

Assistant Director, Office of Education Abroad, Davidson College

Paul Freedman


Nick Hammershlag


Nile Rowan


About us

Adjacent is a community of educators, entrepreneurs, and academic leaders who care deeply about access and impact.  We want all students to have the competencies, confidence, and networks to thrive in a world increasingly defined by technology.  

What sets Adjacent apart from other organizations that provide skills training is our grounding in liberal arts values and a focus on enduring outcomes.  Sure, our graduates learn to build with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but what’s more important to us is they can solve human-scale problems because they understand how to question, critique, design, and build from a range of angles. 

We don’t prepare students for a specific job in tech.  We prepare students to be able to choose from jobs in tech, to combine their interests and passions with skills in ways they never thought possible.  Let’s get rid of the false dichotomy between liberal arts and STEM.

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Whether you’re an institution, student, industry professional – or anything in between – we would love to hear from you. 

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Our partners
  • Faculty
  • College leadership
  • Career centers
  • Alumni
  • Industry experts
Our Specialties
  • Project-based learning
  • High impact practices
  • Culturally relevant curriculum
  • Technical competency
  • Career preparedness
Our students
  • Liberal Arts majors
  • Freshmen to seniors
  • Gap year students
  • Impact-oriented
  • Tech-curious