Now students don’t have to decide between
a liberal arts degree and tech skills.

Boost Your Tech Cred.

Adjacent partners with universities to help non-Computer Science students develop the skills (hard and soft), experiences, and networks they need to succeed in a job market. These are not “boot camps” or extension classes but are academically-rigorous programs that provide real-world experience and prepare students for today’s (and tomorrow’s) jobs.

Finally, students no longer need to decide between pursuing their academic passions and preparing for successful careers post-graduation. They can get both!

For Students

Through an array of semester and summer study away programs in US innovation hubs, gain the skills and experiences to expand your potential and opportunities post-graduation.  And don’t sacrifice your academic plans – Adjacent courses provide credit through an elite liberal arts college.

For Schools

Schools can now help all students build the skills required for today’s jobs. We partner with institutions to provide academically rich credit-bearing programs that help students compete in a dynamic tech-forward market.

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