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Tech exploration programs for college and gap year students
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You don't have to major in CS to have an impact in a tech-driven world.

Every industry and sector is being transformed by technology. Developing some technical proficiency will expand your opportunities and ability to have impact. With Adjacent you will:

Develop your technical chops
Build your resume and project portfolio
Earn college credit through Davidson College
Expand your job and career prospects
Supercharge critical workplace skills such a collaboration, communication, and project management
Grow your professional network

Tech is for everyone

Career success in a tech-driven economy isn’t reserved just for comp sci grads. Adjacent’s for-credit learning programs are designed specifically for Liberal Arts students who want to expand their digital literacy, connect their academic studies to the world of work, or discover new ways to learn and have impact.

Adjacent combines the “must-have” experiences that employees look for – the cultural growth and maturity from a Study-Away program, the practical experience of an internship, and the hard skills developed through applied technical learning.

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Real world. New Friends. For Credit.

Enroll now for 2021

Open to all grad years and gap year students. For tech beginners. Applications due October 2020.

Do the program from anywhere

Stay on your college campus with friends or participate from home. Either way, you’ll meet new friends for life at Adjacent.

Earn college credit

Adjacent courses are transcripted by Davidson College for four college credits. No pre-reqs necessary.

What is the experience like?

Adjacent is more than a classroom – it’s an immersive, intensive experience
Sophia SchwartsmanScripps College, Art History major

I'm pretty much mind blown at how cool this program is. I don't think a lot of people come out of college with tech skills and therefore have to learn on the job, but having a solid foundation like this without compromising credit is invaluable.

Jaelyn TaylorDavidson College, Computational & Digital Studies

I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and everything I've learned. Would I recommend this to everyone? YES! This has hands down been my best semester at Davidson thus far. Between what I learned, how I learned, and the possibilities left to learn, every expectation was met and blown out of proportion.

Ned BaiDavidson College, Political Science

I've never been a mathematics or science person but I realized computer science is for everyone as long as you're interested and continuously curious you can do anything you want with it.

John BillupsDavidson College, Economics

As a non-computer science major, I wanted to see what an increasingly tech-centric world looked like. This program answers that in the classroom, in the start-ups and companies you visit, and in the soft and hard skill sessions you can apply outside of the program.

Emma Ruth BurnsBryn Mawr College, Archaeology

The people in this program are fascinating, and the things that I’ve learned in sessions have helped me to understand the dynamics of group work and how best to capitalize upon my own and other peoples’ strengths.

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